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Commercial locksmith

Commercial locksmith

Are you looking to upgrade the security of your office or business? Are you a bit overwhelmed at where to start? Our company can help! Simply give us a call for professional locksmith services now!

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Mobile Locksmith

Mobile Locksmith

Care to see lock and key problems solved? Trust the professionalism of our mobile locksmith

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Local Locksmith

Local Locksmith

We have experience, the best equipment and are local! The best qualities for a professional locksmith

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Locksmith Bellevue

Call Us Now  425-201-2249

Welcome to Locksmith Bellevue Company

24 hour emergency locksmith services for all issues of residential and business establishments. We supply, repair and fit every type of lock in Washington.

Address: Northeast 50th Place
Bellevue, Washington
Zip code: 98007

Superb full-range locksmith services by the best, fully-trained pros.

Phone: 425-201-2249


Hours of Operation:

We accept Cash, credit card, etc.


Locksmith Bellevue is a company that links you to professional locksmiths within our catchment area. Most of our operations are necessarily bound to the local community but we can take up contracts with people who are within the precincts if we judge that we can deliver good services to them. Our clients range from individuals to business and government institutions. We also serve colleges and other educational establishments. By constantly improving the quality of our work, we have been able to develop unique services that fit in with the expectations of the people who are looking for highly trained locksmiths within their locality. There are various reasons that have contributed to our success but none is more important than our customers who bring us new clients all the time because of the satisfaction they get from us.

Locksmith Services in Washington

A locksmith business with values

Locksmith Bellevue, WAIt may appear to be an old-fashioned sales pitch but we really do believe that good work gets us more customers. Our team consists of qualified master locksmiths who bring decades of experience to this industry. They are approved by industry trade bodies and the government because they have the necessary qualifications. That means that you can have complete confidence in the work that they are doing in terms of security provision. Moreover we have added another level of compliance by instituting very tough vetting requirements before we commission a contract. The person that is given access to your property must be beyond reproach. The professionals that work with us are fully registered with the law enforcement agencies so that there is no risk that your home will be burglarized after work is completed on it. Those who do not employ companies like Locksmith Bellevue run the risk of inadvertently inviting criminals into their homes.

A strong code of conduct is then supported by a stellar procurement strategy. We only deal in the premium brands when it comes to buying locks and other security devices. That means that we are completely certain that they will not let us down. You are given options when buying items that are going to be used in the contract. At the same time we remove the inconvenience that has sometimes been associated with buying these items on your own.    Factors, retail shops, office premises, motels, warehouses and other players in the hospitality industry rely on us to provide them with secure locks. We can count small business, apartment complexes, sporting clubs, schools and hospitals amongst our clients. This is because we are able to meet their high requirements for this kind of security work.

As always, quality is the thing that primarily drives our service. It is the distinctive issue that makes us a formidable player within this industry. Over time we have also added technological developments which allow us to keep abreast of the changes that are happening within the industry. Locksmiths are a very important element to your security system and you need a company that can link you to the best. We are offering that service at an affordable cost. Locksmith Bellevue is totally committed to your needs as a consumer and property owner. We do not just send locksmiths to your home but also ensure that they are uniquely qualified to do the work that we are asking them to do.

Our locksmith company in Washington is the go to provider of many people when they need any kind of locksmith services. We have specialists who can take care of everything that concerns home, office and car locks. There’s nothing that we can’t handle when it comes to this field.

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Functions of a locksmith

Emergency Locksmiths are well trained to solve your lock problems in a better way than you’d have probably managed or imagined.

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